Etta the Cow Has Moooved From CdM

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By Susan Hoffman, special to Corona del Mar Today

Where in the world did Etta go?

You remember Etta, the life-sized cow that once inhabited the front yard on Larkspur in Corona del Mar. Corona del Mar Today wrote about her a few years ago; read that story here. We also wrote about a neighbor’s birthday surprise which featured 40 mini cows on the next-store lawn; read that story here.

Then, however, Etta was gone.

The mystery has been solved, according to Etta’s owner, Melinda Morgan, who moved last December to Sea Island. Morgan purchased a large condo with a big wrap around yard, and that’s where Etta now resides.

“I do miss not having the people in Corona del Mar, and the kids that would ring the bell to ask if they could climb on Etta,” Morgan said.

Etta now has a view of the Back Bay and Jamboree Road. And Morgan’s dog has an enclosed yard, and it’s also a better location for her son who now lives there.

So far the neighbors have welcomed Etta and said that they liked her, and the homeowners association doesn’t have a problem with the new resident.

“One of my neighbors said that if the HOA had a problem with the cow, they would write a letter saying how much they like it in the neighborhood,” Morgan said. “Others just say ‘you have a cow in your yard!!?'” she said.

Morgan purchased her place a few months before moving in so she could do some remodeling, and whenever she provided the address to the construction workers they always commented, “Oh so you’re the one with cow in the yard.” They noticed it as they drove up and down Jamboree Road.

“Friends drive by and know where I live because of a cow,” she said. “It’s like a light house, only I have a cow. She watches kayakers, likes the water view, she’s happy girl. Fun kind of whimsical, makes life less stressful. She went from one place to another she’s used to it which she’s been doing her entire life, kind of a world traveler.”

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