False Killer Whales Cruise by Little Corona Beach

posted: March 13th, 2014 05:47 pm | 2Comments

A pod of as many as 50 false killer whales swam past Corona del Mar this morning about a mile offshore, an Orange County Sheriff’s Department official said.

False killer whales are members of the dolphin family and are listed as endangered, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries webpage.

Sgt. John Hollenbeck of the sheriff’s department’s Harbor Patrol office saw them about 11:30 a.m. near Little Corona Beach. He followed them to Main Beach in Laguna Beach.

“According to the news, these are so rare that they haven’t been seen in Southern California for well over a decade,” he said. “They were traveling in a pod of perhaps 50 or so, spread out over about a quarter of a mile. They were very noisy. I could hear them whistling and singing to each other through the hull of my boat as they passed around me. I’ve heard that many times before before with common dolphins, but these were much louder. Initially, I didn’t even realize it was their song – I thought there was something wrong with the engine on my boat.”

From time to time, the false killer whales breached, “launching themselves almost entirely out of the water before landing on their sides with a resounding clap,” Hollenbeck said. At one point, a sea lion swam along with the pod.

Photos courtesy of John Hollenbeck.

2 Responses to “False Killer Whales Cruise by Little Corona Beach”


Graham Brimhall

March 14th, 2014

I know this is amazing sight, but has anyone stopped to think about why? It seems these creatures have been sighted at different coastal areas from Hong Kong to BC to Ensenada. Just as the 3rd anniversary of the Fukushima disaster passes they make their presence known. Maybe they're running for their lives... as radioactive water has been spilling into the Pacific at the rate of 400 tons every day since the meltdown and only getting worse. I implore you all to do your research, this is a very dangerous situation and our ocean's future is at stake.

Radioactive Banana

March 17th, 2014

The animals are asking for our help. The ocean if full of radioactive water and it is killing them. They must be removed from the ocean and put in tanks until we can stop fukushima from leaking into the ocean and clean the ocean! See netc.com for radiation monitoring around the world. See enenews.com for all radiation stories. For 3 years the Fukushima Diachi plant has been spewing 135,000 nSv/h into the air from reactor number three (zoom in on the netc map on Japan and you can see the high number) A nSv/h is a measurement of a large dose or radiation. 400 tons of radioactive water have been spilling into the ocean for 3 years. It does not dilute when it keeps coming. Radiation travels in the wind and water. It takes 3 days for the wind to arrive on the West Coast & then it continues across the US. The US gov pretends there are no wind currents or water currents. There are also nuclear accidents all over the world for months now. see enenews.com See New Mexico WIPP, Halifax spill, Hanford, Europe spills. US scientists are owned by the gov and housed at Universities. They are terrified to speak out because the nuclear, gas & oil, rule the world and will destroy ppls careers, lives and family. See fairewinds.org to see Arnie Gunderson, nuclear scientist, speak on the disaster at Fukushima This is dire. Our gov pretends this is not happening. We must go past the gov and find independent scientist to help figure out how to fix this! I know that I will never go to the ocean again because of the radiation and I am so sick about it, so upset with mother earth dying! Help!

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