Cyclist Sustains Minor Injuries In CdM Crash

posted: November 14th, 2013 12:14 pm | 5Comments

A male bicyclist was slightly injured at 9:40 a.m. today while riding eastbound on East Coast Highway near Larkspur Avenue, police said.

A woman driving an SUV was traveling southbound on Larkspur Avenue across East Coast Highway when the vehicle and bicycle collided, said Jennifer Manzella, a police department spokeswoman.

“The bicyclist sustained minor injuries, but refused transportation for further medical attention,” she said in an email. “The driver was cited at the scene.”

Photo courtesy of Corona del Mar Today reader Mindy.

5 Responses to “Cyclist Sustains Minor Injuries In CdM Crash”



November 14th, 2013

That's a first, they actually cited the driver!


November 15th, 2013

Most of the time it's the cyclists fault!


November 15th, 2013

Yes, Actuality - we love doing Medieval battle with our 20 pound machines versus your 4,000 pound chariots....while you put on make up, pluck your nose hairs, brush your teeth, shave, drink your Starbucks, cram food down your throat, smoke, tweet, text, chat on the phone while you hold it, yell at your kids, drop your hone on the floor and weave around the lanes looking for it, get high, drink, and hopefully your NOT on drugs while you change 2+ lanes to make the turn you missed as you spaced out and RUN OVER SOMEONE. I'd call you an idiot - but that wouls ACUALITY make something better than you are.


November 17th, 2013

You ride in the street knowing full well all that is going on, and then have the audacity to call someone else an idiot? Hey pot, this is kettle, your black.


November 17th, 2013

I have every right to the road without being accosted by those who cannot safely navigate them. There's your Audacity......or should I say @jeff?

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