From Flower Pots to Bike Racks, B.I.D. Board Considers Ways to Beautify CdM

posted: July 25th, 2013 02:41 pm | 11Comments

The Corona del Mar Business Improvement District board, which continues to work with city officials on plans to improve the village entryway at MacArthur Boulevard, has decided to work on ways to beautify the Marguerite Avenue intersection as well.

The board voted at a meeting Thursday to allot $3,000 to get started on a project that would convert a concrete “non functional drive” near Franklin Realty’s sidewalk into a mini parkway, add a graphic design to crosswalks and the roadway in the middle of the intersection and install decorative flower pots.

Ron Yeo, a B.I.D. volunteer, coordinated the initial proposal and said a landscape architect could create a plan for about $1,600. B.I.D. members would work with city officials as the plans evolved.

Another beautification project, Yeo said, involves removal of existing news racks, which often are in disrepair and have no cohesive look; read an earlier story here. Those racks in 13 locations, Yeo said, could be replaced with “gang units” in six locations. The new racks would cost $6,500 apiece, or could be free with free maintenance if the B.I.D. allows advertising.

B.I.D. board member Jim Walker said the group should explore whether it should pay for the racks and one day sell local advertising as a revenue stream for the district, or to promote local events. City Councilman Ed Selich said city code would have to be changed to permit advertising. The group decided to continue to research what they need to do, including possible changes in city codes, to remove the old racks and replace them with new units. The units, Yeo said, should be located by Ruby’s, by Starbucks, by Johnny’s Real New York Pizza, by the Coffee Bean, Rose’s Bakery Cafe and Pain du Monde.

Yeo also told the group that of the Corona del Mar district’s 35 trash receptacles, 30 have peeling paint and need refurbishing, and the group agreed to work with city staff to get bids for the work. The group also will work with the city’s Bicycle Committee about adding bike racks along East Coast Highway.

In other B.I.D. news, board member Scott Laidlaw said that he was unhappy with the results of sidewalk cleaning that the group paid for earlier this summer. The cleaners did not succeed in removing all the black residue from gum, he said, and in some cases left scars on the sidewalks where they tried to clean gum.

“I don’t think it was satisfactory,” he said, adding that the group should discuss it with the cleaning company before paying the invoice. Read our earlier story here.

Image from the B.I.D. agenda package.

11 Responses to “From Flower Pots to Bike Racks, B.I.D. Board Considers Ways to Beautify CdM”



July 25th, 2013

Hey I have an idea, how about a master plan for the village so we can prevent all of our village from becoming a bank, rug store, nail salon or cash for gold joint? That might actually do something to preserve whatever "charm" is left, not that installing decorative flower pots isn't genius.


July 25th, 2013

How are things going with the news cans? It would be nice to see the unsightly receptacles better managed. If the city’s traffic engineer charged with managing the cans is uninterested in the responsibility, maybe the job can be assigned to someone else?


July 25th, 2013

Hey Bill I have a great idea....why don't you open a business that is not a bank, rug store, or nail salon...Etc. How about a BBQ restaurant?? Ill be your first customer. We should welcome business to our town. getting back on subject... I think a good start to the beautification project would be to remove the tiles under the clock tower

Frank Peters

July 25th, 2013

At the CdM/BID Parking Plan meeting Monday did I sense some consensus that the 35mph speed limit through town is one of the biggest problems we have? The number of cars, traveling at speed discourage pedestrians and bicyclists. Bike racks could have a big impact on congestion...

David Huntsman

July 26th, 2013

The actual MPH through town, from end to end, is usually in the teens and the speed limit should be lowered to reflect that. There is no need to drive 35 to get to the next light. It's dangerous and discouraged commerce.

Al Bacore

July 26th, 2013

Wait a minute; BBQ restaurant? All wood or gas fired stoves are going to be outlawed or moved 700 feet from the nearest residence.


July 26th, 2013

Hey Peters, talking about congestion does sharrows come to mind. Keep bikes off PCH through the flower streets. We already have Banderas burning wood six hours a day 365 days a year within Peters er a AQ buffer zone. Didn't the city already drop the ball with vision 2004?


July 26th, 2013

Hey Peters, May i make a suggestion... BAN cars from PCH.. After all the emissions will kill you.


July 26th, 2013

Frank has had a good run with the AQMD. He should move on to, gun control, immigration, abortion issues and most importantly world peace. He is an activist, blogger supreme and a man who cares about the charming Village of Corona Del Mar. He would be wasting his time on such mundane issues involving bicycles and parking spaces. Stay tune for more updates with Frank the Peter Man.


July 28th, 2013

Flower pots and graphic designs painted at the intersection of Marguerite & PCH? Am I the only one that got sick to my stomach when looking at the above rendering? I personally was against the hand painted tiles below the clock tower years ago. Take a look at it today. It looks childish and not like sophisticated neighborhood should look like. Sorry, but it looks a bit east LA gone CDM. The mayor, city council members, and the BID should LISTEN to what the residents of this once lovely town have to say!!! Bring good business to this town! NOT, I repeat NOT (and I know my thoughts are not alone) another bank, nail salon, rug shop, or hair salon!!!


July 28th, 2013

Chris: You have a problem with E.L.A.

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