Surf Report, 5/12/13

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By Bennie Seybold

Swells: This week, there wasn’t much of a swell in Corona del Mar. There was a weak S-SSE swell that produced 1- to 2-foot waves throughout the week.

Water Temperature and Weather: The water temperature this week has been about 64 degrees. Although this is warmer than the previous weeks, it is still pretty cold. This cold water temperature combined with the overcast conditions CdM has been experiencing lately can make for a pretty freezing surfing experience. The best wetsuit for these conditions would be a 4.3 full suit. Also, if you are looking for added warmth, you can wear a wetsuit hood, booties, and/or wetsuit gloves.

Forecast: Starting late this afternoon, there is a SSW-S swell that is going to hit CdM. This swell will peak on Monday, producing 2- to 3-foot-plus waves. This swell is expected to fade throughout the rest of the week. On Tuesday, a new NW winds well is expected to pick up producing 2- to 4-foot waves on both Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, there will be a mix of the fading NW windswell and the old SSW-S swell producing 1-to 2-foot waves.

What to Do When There Aren’t Any Waves: Week #1


Spearfishing is the perfect thing to do when there aren’t any waves. In fact, spearfishing conditions are best when there aren’t any waves. Before I discovered this intense sport, I had nothing to do when there weren’t any waves. I went spearfishing for the first time two years ago. I went out not knowing anything and was surprised at how easy it was to learn.

Spearfishing has been used by people as a means of fishing for millennia. Spearfishing is really easy to learn and is really fun. All you need are some fins (any type of fins work just fine), a spear, a snorkel, and a snorkel mask. Corona del mar is perfect for spearfishing because of its rocky beaches and the kelp patties.

If you have never been spearfishing before, click here for information you will need to get started.

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