Out With the Seaweed, In With the Riptide

posted: April 30th, 2013 05:24 am | 2Comments

Corona del Mar High School’s mascot is the Sea King — or Sea Queen, depending.

And while it’s not officially on any team shirt or uniform, the middle school students have their own nickname as well: Seaweed.

But that nickname could be phased out and replaced with a name, perhaps Riptide, the middle school principal said.

“It’s just never been my favorite thing,” Principal Guy Olguin said. “It’s sort of weird. Seaweed…seaweed…seaweed…”

A teacher apparently started the nickname years ago, Olguin said, and it stuck.

“It’s the unofficial official nickname,” he said. “But it’s never been branded as part of the middle school.”

Middle school athletic uniforms simply say “CDM” and not Seaweed, he said.

From the time Olguin became principal nine years ago, he said he never liked the seaweed name.

“It was never one I was very excited about it,” he said. “It’s not very nice.”

Over the years, he would ask ASB students to come up with a better nickname, but nothing permanent developed.

The school’s new middle school enclave building, which will be open for students in the fall of 2014, brought the issue back up, Olguin said. A new nickname might be used on logos, shirts and uniforms, but that could take district approval.

For now, he said, he’s phasing in the Riptide nickname, referring to the former Seaweed orientation camp (scheduled this year for Friday Aug. 23) as Riptide camp, and including middle school announcements about showing “Riptide Pride.”

Some students said they don’t mind the Seaweed moniker, but others said they think it’s weird and would be glad to see a change.

“But not Riptide,” said Nato Dickinson, 11, who will be in the first class of students in the new enclave when it opens. “If there are Sea Kings, maybe there should be Sea Princes.”

Freshman Nikhil Yerasi said he never minded being a Seaweed.

“Nobody really calls anyone that,” he said. “And anyway, it’s funny.”

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April 30th, 2013

That's kind of sad. It sounds like he has already changed it, no "could" be phased out. How is Seaweed not very nice? Kids grow like a weed, especially in middle school. Seaweed generally grows together and is a safe haven and food for all sorts of wildlife, helps filter pollution and it's a great play off of Sea Kings/Queens. What do riptides do besides wash people out to sea? Does a middle school mascot, either officially or unofficially have to be macho? Keep the Seaweeds!!!


May 1st, 2013

Glad he has so much time to devote to thinking about an unofficial nickname. People are going to keep calling them that anyway.

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