No Fence Jumping For The Cow Of Corona Del Mar

posted: April 1st, 2013 07:29 am | 2Comments

By Susan Hoffman, special to Corona del Mar Today

Melinda Morgan’s typical response when someone’s looking for her home is, “You can’t miss me — I live in the house with the cow in the front yard.”

The longtime Orange County resident explained that she inherited “Etta,” who was originally her brother’s cow.

Hank Morgan, a well-known interior designer had purchased the cow about 40 years ago at an antiques store on Sunset Boulevard. Melinda said it used to be that everywhere her brother, went the cow would always end up in his yard. Since her brother died three years ago, now everywhere Melinda goes, the cow goes too. The cow even attended her brother’s memorial service at the Balboa Bay Club. Transporting the cow using a small pick up truck, can be a little awkward but not all that difficult since she is made of fiberglass and is fairly light-weight.

When Melinda moved to Larkspur Avenue about a year ago, she put Etta in the front yard, where she is chained so nobody takes her.

“Everyone loves it,” she said. “At Christmas, I put a hat on her, and at Halloween kids and adults alike climb on her and take pictures.”

As for the neighborhood vibe, once the “Wow you have a cow in your front yard” wore off, everyone seemed to be pretty good about it, she said.

“I don’t think it’s offensive or doing anybody any harm,” she said. It’s “good family fun like going to Knott’s Berry Farm.” “Dogs tend to bark at her since they haven’t quite figured it out yet.”

As for the cow’s many scratches, people are always asking why she doesn’t paint her.

Her response has been that Etta has been to a lot of parties, led a good life and has the scratches to show for it.

“Just like we’ve earned our wrinkles, no face lifts for this cow,” she said.

“The cow keeps everybody young at heart; it’s a reflection of the fun we had,” she said. She also is a reminder of the great life her brother had, she said.

Next time you are on Larkspur and Third Avenue say hello to Etta.

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April 1st, 2013

Very Cute! Keeping the small town feel real! Don t tear it down!

John Henry

April 5th, 2013

I Love it! Go Mom! So glad "Etta" is keeping up with you.

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