Gas Company Adds Metal Signs to CdM Tree Wells

posted: March 22nd, 2013 10:00 am | 4Comments

It’s been a tough few weeks for Corona del Mar’s tree wells — tree wells that are tended each year with thousands of dollars of Business Improvement District funds as well as with dozens of volunteer hours.

First a tree in front of the Port Theater was chopped instead of transplanted because of disease. Then crews paved over the empty tree well with concrete.

And this week, about 16 yellow metal signs have been stuck in tree wells along a mile stretch of the southern side of East Coast Highway. The signs say Caution Gas Pipeline with an emergency telephone number. “Destruction of this sign violates federal law,” the sign states. It also includes a drawing of a shovel with a line through it.

A Southern California Gas Company spokeswoman said a major underground natural gas line runs under the sidewalk in Corona del Mar, and pipeline markers are required under the Code of Federal Regulations for public safety and awareness.

“Pipeline safety is a top priority for the gas company,” said Denise King. “We take public safety very seriously.”

King said a 2010 gas explosion in San Bruno, which killed eight people, triggered increased focus on public awareness of natural gas pipeline, and how the public can identify and respond to a gas leak.

“Where in the past there may have been signage on curbs near pipelines, now the focus is to have more visible signage,” she said in an email.

Newport Beach officials were reaching out to the gas company for more information about the signs, said Tara Finnigan, a city spokeswoman.

Local Corona del Mar business leaders said they were not informed of plans to add the signs.

Ron Yeo, a B.I.D. board member who has worked on tree well improvements for years, said he had no idea why the signs had been placed.

“We saw this sign this morning (Tuesday) and were wondering,” he said in an email. Corona del Mar Chamber of Commerce President Linda Leonhard also said in an email that she had no information about the signs.

4 Responses to “Gas Company Adds Metal Signs to CdM Tree Wells”


needs to go now

March 22nd, 2013

People need to yank them out and throw them away. They look like hell, and the village is already full of horrible looking signs. Put a placard in the sidewalk if you must, and make sure it is made of something that looks nice like brass or bronze.

Ron Yeo

March 23rd, 2013

It would make far more sense to have the signs flat on the ground on the curbs.


March 26th, 2013

in irvine they have the same signage but on stickers placed on the curb facing the street like you would do with house numbers. discreet but you can see the bright yellow. why does socalgas use 2 different methods? city council should take this up with socalgas. really huge stakes in the ground? people are gonna take em out!!! lol

Carol Wilkerson

November 15th, 2013

I live in WA state and we just got these same markers on our street too. Ours is placed near a power pole, so it's visible but not a terrible eyesore. I agree, there should have been a better way to mark where the gas lines are, but at the end of the day, if it keeps anyone from digging and causing a major explosion, I'll live with them.

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