Psychic, “Collateral Loan” and Other Businesses Moving into CdM

posted: March 4th, 2013 07:24 am | 2Comments

A former cash for gold business apparently will reopen as a psychic shop based on signs installed in the windows this week at 3617 East Coast Highway.

The Natural Born Psychic shop replaces the Cash For Gold business that opened in April 2010. That shop was the fourth in ten months to open in that location, replacing two jewelry stores and a photography business.

Nobody answered a call to the telephone number listed on the window, and Newport Beach business license records did not show a psychic shop permit being issued for that location.

The psychic is the second to open a shop in Corona del Mar in the past seven months. In August a Psychic Reader shop moved into part of the building that was formerly the John Blom Photography studio; read our story here. That business was expected to be short-term and be replaced by a Sweet Lady Jane Bakery.

Newport Beach historically prohibited fortune telling in the city, but the City Council in 1984 passed an “urgency ordinance” that repealed that section of code.

“The California Supreme Court held in Spiritual Psychic Science Church v. City of Azusa, (1985) 39 Cal.3d 501, that cities cannot ban fortunetelling because the activity is considered free speech under the California Constitution,” city officials said in an email.

Another new business moving into Corona del Mar is the Greenwich Time shop at 3028 East Coast Highway.

A sign on a newly installed awning indicates that the business will offer “fine jewelry — watches — collateral loans.” In collateral loans, borrowers pledge collateral in exchange for the loan — a typical model used by pawn shops.

According to a Newport Beach city webpage, Greenwich Time received a business license in August, but the number provided on the license page was out of service.

Another new business has added a sign on an awning at 3838 East Coast Highway, the former location of the Strands salon that moved in April 2012. The new business is called Velvet Beauty Studio, according to the awning.

A Chase bank branch also obtained a city business license on Monday and will replace Coco’s in Corona del Mar this spring; read our stories here and here.

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Used to be nice

March 4th, 2013

Pawn Shops, Psychic readers, liquor stores wow CDM used to be nice, maybe it is time to move to Newport Coast before the downfall really starts. City Council must be completely asleep at the wheel we are one gun store and bars on the windows away from being Long Beach.


March 4th, 2013

Rug shops, nail/hair salons, banks, boutique/second-hand shops, interior decorators. CDM is not a village - it is a collection of non-destination businesses.

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