Today’s Marguerite Signal Work Ends Early, But Another Outage Planned for Wednesday

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Traffic was backed up for blocks in both directions on East Coast Highway at Marguerite Avenue earlier today while crews connected temporary signal equipment for an ongoing project, but the work was completed faster than anticipated, according to a city official.

“The traffic signal shutdown went smoothly today and the contractor was able to get the intersection running early than expected,” said Brad Sommers, an assistant city engineer, in an email. The work shut down the traffic lanes and signals in the area and forced motorists to follow four-way stop sign rules.

The project, which is expected to be complete in April, will add a left-turn signal for motorists turning from Marguerite to East Coast Highway; read our earlier story here. The project also will modify the median “to create a smoother turning path for motorists turning onto Coast Highway from the south leg of Marguerite Avenue,” Sommers said in an email.

Another traffic signal shutdown is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday Feb. 20, Sommers’ email said.

“During this outage, the temporary traffic connections will be completed,” he wrote. “This step will allow the contractor to work more efficiently to install new equipment and modify the median while minimizing the impact to the traffic signal operation.”

More outages will be scheduled when new signal equipment needs to be connected, he said, and city officials will notify the public in advance.

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