No Bicycle Committee Meeting This Month; Date Uncertain For Council to Extend Group’s Tenure

posted: February 4th, 2013 12:49 pm | 2Comments

Today is the first Monday of the month — typically the day that the city’s Bicycle Safety Committee would hold its regular meeting in the Central Library.

But the group’s meetings are suspended indefinitely because the group’s tenure expired on Jan. 10; its last meeting was held on Jan. 7 — read our story here.

City staff is “working through the renewal process,” said Tara Finnigan, a city spokeswoman, in an email. There is no date scheduled when the item will be on a City Council agenda, but if the Council votes to renew the committee’s tenure, they would then seek applications and later vote on new members before the committee would begin meeting again. At least one member of the former committee said he would not seek a new term, and committee member Tony Petros has been elected to City Council.

In a Jan. 8 vote, the Council named Petros as the chairman of the bicycle committee, replacing Nancy Gardner, who first suggested the creation of a Bicycle Safety Task Force in 2009. After the task force completed its term, the city created a Bicycle Safety Committee. Petros served on the Bicycle Safety Committee and the Bicycle Safety Task Force.

At a January planning meeting, the City Council agreed that bicycle safety should be a priority in 2013 and city staff should begin developing a Bicycle Master Plan; read our story here.

2 Responses to “No Bicycle Committee Meeting This Month; Date Uncertain For Council to Extend Group’s Tenure”


Frank Peters

February 4th, 2013

Will the Bike Safety Cmte get its charter renewed? It will be interesting to follow this story. Meanwhile there are a lot of good things happening bike-wise: Huntington Beach is reviewing the 1st Draft of their Bicycle Master Plan and Newport Beach staff is busy drafting an RFP as we commence our own Master Plan. Also noteworthy: the City has extended the 3:1 match for the Bicycle Safety Improvement Fund which has already raised close to $80,000 – how much is that after the 3:1 match? A lot. And maybe lastly, I'm observing first hand and hearing from several others, too – the Sharrows on Coast Hwy thru CdM are having the desired affect: motorists are driving more cordially, there's less confrontation between bike and car. (Can't resist: "Told you it would!") I tell my friends: we are entering the Golden Age of Bicycle Advocacy, and Newport Beach is a leader.


February 8th, 2013

Cyclists still running red lights and stop signs. That's progress.

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