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Growing up in the beach cities of California is not something Ryan Bellerose takes for granted. It was as a teenager entrenched in the local surf scene where Ryan found his inspiration for art and design. That passion became a reality last fall when he launched his own clothing line, Victor Moon.

Bellerose, 30, and his business partner, Melanie Meltzer, founded Victor Moon in 2010 and now are offering their first line of luxe graphic tees for sale online.

“Victor Moon is a nod to the lifestyle I identified with growing up and what I still know and love today,” says Bellerose. “That feeling you have when you’re young and fearless. You think you can do anything. Victor Moon, the brand, is really about reigniting the desire to do what you love.”

Meltzer, 34, who moved from the East Coast and has an extensive marketing background, said she remembers the discussion that led to Victor Moon’s creation.

“It’s time for you to go make your dream a reality,” she says she told him. “I don’t want you to lose who you really are.”

Bellerose began sketching and eventually came back with a number of concepts, mostly avante garde designs, Meltzer says.

“We would have used all of them, but we had to narrow to six to mitigate costs,” she says.

From there, Bellerose and Meltzer spent the next two years researching manufacturers, pattern makers and printers while both juggling full time jobs.

“Melanie insisted everything had to be made in America and with attention to detail, says Bellerose. “My style was inspired here, it didn’t make sense to have them made anywhere else.”

Victor Moon luxe graphic tee collection is made from super soft Supima cotton and MicroModal, a durable and high quality fabric blend.

“We customized the pattern,” Bellerose said. “We wanted the length to be just right, and the sleeves to hang just so. This is not just a standard stock t-shirt. We put love into it.”

Bellerose and Meltzer have been working with local retailers and select online sites to find the best shops to sell the shirts, which they say are superior in quality and made to fit teens and men in their 20s and 30s.

Printing is done in Los Angeles, and Meltzer said growing the brand locally and organically is part of their business plan.

“We want to have a local following,” said Meltzer. “We want to grow by word-of-mouth, and that takes time.”

“It’s something we’re both extremely passionate about,” Bellerose said. “Victor Moon gives us personal and creative freedom and the hope to pass along our love of California-inspired fashion and design to others.”

Shirts retail at $32 and offers free shipping in the United States. Victor Moon will be launching hats next month, along with a new summer collection. For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Victor Moon website at

Photo courtesy of Victor Moon.

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