Coroner’s Official Says No Autopsy Performed in Lifeguard Death

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A Newport Beach seasonal lifeguard who died Saturday was not fatally injured during a fall from a bicycle, said a deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Coroner Division.

Brian Gray, 38, died Saturday after being found facedown in a parking lot on 26th Street in Newport Beach. Police said he had apparently fallen from his bicycle, and paramedics were able to revive him and took him to a hospital where he later died.

Gray had worked for the city of Newport Beach for more than 21 years and was one of the rescuers who rescued a boy trapped in sand near 8th Street in 2006. He also was a Junior Guards instructor and worked on the Newport Beach Fire Department’s CPR in the Schools program; read our story here.

Gray’s private physician signed his death certificate, and no autopsy was conducted, said Deputy Daniel Aikin of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s Coroner Division. The cause of death is not public record, he said, but he added that his death was not due to trauma.

“He had no injury from falling off his bicycle,” Aikin said.

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