Thai Massage Could Open in CdM

posted: December 5th, 2012 05:43 am | 3Comments

UPDATED to add information from the Zoning Administrator hearing.

The luggage and shoe repair shop could be replaced with a Thai Body Works massage business, according to notices filed with the City of Newport Beach and placed at the business at 3617 East Coast Highway.

The signs are posted on the window of the OC Gold & Silver exchange business, which also has a For Rent sign, but a city official said the sign was placed there for maximum visibility to the public. The massage business would be located in the former Daniel’s Luggage & Shoe Repair shop, which moved in May 2011 to 3800 East Coast Highway; read our story here.

The Newport Beach Zoning Administrator will hold a public hearing at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday Dec. 12 to consider a “minor use permit to establish the number of parking spaces required for a proposed 1,191-square-foot massage establishment,” the notice said.

The hearing is open to the public, and members of the public may make comments. The hearing will be held in Council Chambers at City Hall at 3300 Newport Blvd.

UPDATE: The Zoning Administrator granted the permit after a short hearing on Wednesday.

The OC Gold & Silver exchange opened in spring of 2010 and was the fourth business to occupy the space in 10 months, including two jewelry stores and a photography shop; read our story here.

3 Responses to “Thai Massage Could Open in CdM”



December 5th, 2012

This will reflect nicely on a community of million dollar homes. This crap belongs in garden grove not CDM


December 5th, 2012

Is this a joke? What's next? Wally's Bait and Bagels?


December 6th, 2012

People, let's stop kidding ourselves- we live in a great place in terms of weather, scenery and schools among a long list of other things, but our village is a joke. It has zero character. I believe it all comes down to parking or lack thereof, which makes it hard for any retail tenant to actually make money. Parking is something that needs to be addressed. Find me another "upscale" coastal village in Southern California with KFC, Baja Fresh, Cash for Gold places, Oriental Rug stores, Nail Salons and a branch of every major national bank all within walking distance of each other. Great, now we're getting a Thai massage joint- it will look so nice across the street from the "temporary" Palm Reader. There is NOTHING charming about our village. Go to Laguna or even Orange and look around.

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