Farallon Drive to Become Civic Center Drive — Again

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The Newport Beach City Council voted on Tuesday to change the name of Farallon Drive to Civic Center Drive — a vote timed to give the new Civic Center complex a proper address but one that also reverted the street to its former name.

“You may wonder when it was named Farallon Drive and that actually occurred in 1972,” Kimberly Brandt, the city’s community development director, told the Council members. “And then you may ask well what was the name of that street before it became Farallon Drive, and suprisingly enough it was Civic Center Drive.”

At one time, City Hall was slated to be in the Newport Center area, said Tara Finnigan, a city spokeswoman, in an email.

Newport Beach resident Jim Mosher first suggested changing the name of Avocado Avenue to Civic Center Drive, or perhaps something even more creative. But city staff research showed that more than 200 businesses have Avocado addresses, while none has a Farallon address, making the change simpler. Farallon, which stretches from Newport Center Drive to Avocado, will lead to the primary entrance of the Civic Center complex, Brandt said.

“So 40 years later we are back to where we were in 1972,” she said. “I think it’s appropriate, and I think it’s its destiny to be Civic Center Drive.”

The City Council will hold its first meeting at the new City Hall on Dec. 11, although a formal grand opening will be held at a later date. Anyone attending that meeting should park onsite in the parking structure and be aware that no Wifi will be available until 2013, according to a city email.

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