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posted: November 20th, 2012 01:49 pm | 6Comments

By Corona del Mar Today Reader Gigi

We received a letter in the mail today regarding the placement of our “Containers” known everywhere else in the world as garbage cans. Apparently we are in violation of MC 6.04.150 – Placement of Containers which is punishable by accrued fees, citations, prosecution and/or civil injunction. It was signed by a Newport Beach police officer.

My first thought was “Are you kidding me?” This is what is upsetting to the City? The world economy is crumbling, unemployment is beyond ever getting under control, entitlements have ruined this country, taxes are outrageous, crime is on the rise, wars are threatening to break out and yet, garbage cans are bothersome? In what kind of bubble do the higher-ups of Newport Beach exist?

I find it disturbing, somewhat hilarious and yet, extremely sad that our four brand new, non-smelly garbage cans have caused such distress to the City of Newport Beach. I wish the City took my being threatened and terrorized by a convicted felon a few weeks ago while I was in my own garage as seriously. God forbid the City focus on the safety of the residents. Let the convicted felons terrorize homeowners on Bayside Drive but don’t let there be a garbage can in sight! And we wonder why the world is crumbling?

Our garbage cans are on our property, far behind the yellow line and lined up against the eight foot wall dividing our property from our neighbors property. I don’t know what prompted this letter but I can only assume that someone walking down Bayside in a foul mood (most likely caused by a button falling off their shirt earlier in the day) spotted a garbage can and in his self-righteous, civic minded mental state decided this was too much to endure. Something must be done about the sight of garbage cans! Oh, the horror! Or maybe some person on a boat in the Harbor noticed a row of garbage cans lined up against someone’s house and started convulsing from the sheer unpleasantness. I mean, this is Corona del Mar after all. There is no garbage in Corona del Mar if you don’t count the convicted felons wandering around terrorizing people, right?

And as long as the City is attacking garbage cans, are you sure that our 2007 truck is good enough to be parked in our driveway? Is this too visually assaulting? It does have a few dings. It might throw someone in a frenzy resulting in an emotional breakdown requiring hospitalization and life long therapy. Oh wait, Obama-Care. Never mind. Can I wear old clothes out in public or do I need to dress in the latest over-priced styles from Fascist Island? And what about my bicycle? I bought it in 1998. Is that an eyesore also?

What else can you find to nitpick? Is Container/Garbage Can-Gate just a diversion from thinking about what really matters in life? Do the colors of my flowers clash with the color paint on my home? Do the bird poop stains on my patio cushions warrant a letter? And what about my cat? Is he too old and scraggly for the highly sensitive residents of Corona del Mar?

This is beyond ridiculous. I will frame this Notice of Violation and hang it next to the card I received awhile back from the City telling me I am responsible for the noise the sea lions make if and when they jump on the back of the boat.

For the love of God people, get a real life already.

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November 20th, 2012

I think it must be something new they are enforcing, maybe not enough people are blocking the streetsweeper and they need funds??? One of our tenants received a notice for trashcans that were overweight... ?

Chief Johnson

November 21st, 2012

Hi Gigi. I was sent your "rant" via Google Alerts (I like to know what is being said about NBPD:-). I can certainly understand your frustration and am sorry for your stress during such a beautiful Thanksgiving week, however, there are a few things I would like to clarify. The first is that you are under the impression that a Police Officer wrote you the citation. Not true. I imagine the citation has a signature line for an "Officer" which could understandably cause you to assume Police Officer. However, I believe you received a citation from a Code Enforcement Officer. Violations such as leaving trashcans out are usually enforced by Code Enforcement, not by PD. They handle violations such as trashcans being left out - often times generated by complaints from the community. You also mentioned crime being on the rise. That is certainly my area of expertise and concern:-) The fact is, Newport Beach is currently experiencing the lowest crime rate in history (as least as far back as we have been keeping accurate records - 1960's). We are actually down nearly 100 crimes year-to-date compared to last year - in spite of crime rising in most cities in the County. Of course if you have been a victim of a crime, those stats are of little consolation to you. If you are not happy about how the PD handled the incident you mentioned in your letter, please let me know and I will ensure it is addressed correctly. Our goal is to make you a "raving fan" of the service provided by the PD, and the City for that matter. I believe a periodic "rant" is good for the soul sometimes, so I hope the venting helped you feel a little better. I guess this is my own rant (or rave), as I am very proud of our Police Department employees and want you and everyone else to know that they are thoroughly committed to public safety. No one is happy when they get a citation, but please know the PD, Code Enforcement, and everyone in the Newport Beach City government are being as responsive to the needs and desires of this great community as we possibly can. Please feel free to contact me directly if you ever have any concerns I can help you with. Thanks, and have a great Thanksgiving!


November 22nd, 2012

I applaud Chief Johnson for that response. Never seen that before anywhere, and don't think I will anytime soon. Newport Beach Police does a great job. Chief Johnson, while you are reading this (hopefully), might I suggest implementing a ride a long program in the department? I have requested one but was told the dept doesn't allow them. Not sure why...


November 23rd, 2012

Chief Johnson: It's a relief to see that your records go back only to the 60's. We had a really good time in the 50's.


November 28th, 2012

Let's have a little controversy. I would like to nominate, for your consideration, the most overrated rock and rollers of all time. 1, Elvis Presley; 2, Bob Dylan; 3, The Rolling Stones.

Mary Delahanty

December 11th, 2012

How about we focus the Trashcan Enforcement Team in Newport Beach to the Human Being Enrichment Team. I have never seen a city that focuses on the rights of trashcans, animals and structures versus human beings. We have missing HUMANS, a tremendous amount of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in our sweet community but the response is nothing. THE FOCUS of the COMMUNITY RESOURCES needs to be on the taypayers general wellbeing. Women can be physically assaulted in Corona del Mar and the response is too bad, I guess you shouldn't be with that person. BUT HEAVAN FORBID THE TRASHCANS ARE AMISS.....

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