Little Corona Warning Signs May Be Revamped

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Visitors heading down the ramp to Little Corona Beach, beware — there’s no commercial photography without a permit, and no alcohol allowed, and you best stay off the hillside that’s being revegetated. Don’t touch tidepool creatures, and don’t take shells. And in case you didn’t see the first sign, there’s another warning — no commercial photography without a permit!

“I went on a walk to Little Corona and counted 23 signs,” said Michelle Clemente, the city’s marine education supervisor, at a recent board meeting of the Corona del Mar Residents Association. “You’re just barraged, and you’re not necessarily going to see the signs.”

Clemente said she and other city staff members would begin this winter a process of evaluating the currents signs as well as developing, with input from outside experts, a new sign program. Regulations and rules should be posted in one area, she said, possibly at the top of the ramp leading to the beach. Another area could have interpretive and educational signs. Overall, she said, there likely would be far fewer signs than currently exist.

“We need to be a little more sophisticated in how we use signs at the beach,” she said.

The signs likely would be paid for using grant money, she said. The City Council would have to approve any new sign program before implementation.

Mayor Nancy Gardner, who has been vocal about restoring Little Corona Beach, said she agreed there were too many signs.

“The more signs the less they’re read, I think,” she said in an email. “It took about five years for the various cities etc. involved to get the interpretive ones we have now. One of the big problems is that too often we have all these prohibitions, but we don’t have room to explain why they’re in place–the benefits of adhering to them.”

Little Corona State Beach has been a designated protected marine area since the late 1960s; read more about its history here.

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