Port Theater Applies for Conditional Use Permit

posted: June 28th, 2012 04:21 am | 8Comments

The New Port Theater — which opened briefly as a cafe in May before city officials shut it down — has applied for a conditional use permit that would allow eating, drinking, live entertainment and dancing, according to a city memo.

“The requested hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., daily,” the city memo states. “A conditional use permit approval is also necessary to reduce the required parking through the approval of a parking management program because the subject property does not provide on-site parking.”

The landmark theater located at 2905 E. Coast Highway opened in April for the Newport Beach Film Festival; read our story here. It then closed for restoration work to be completed.

In May, the theater’s concessions opened as a coffee shop during morning hours. But because no movies were being shown at the time, the cafe was not in compliance with the theater’s permits, and the cafe was closed after a complaint was made to city officials; read our story here.

The permit question will go before the city’s Planning Commission, said Mayor Nancy Gardner.

The owner has applied for a license to sell alcohol as well; click here to see the application.

8 Responses to “Port Theater Applies for Conditional Use Permit”


End Run

June 28th, 2012

This whole project was never planned around a 1 screen theater. This has been the plan all along. Basically call it a theater and build a nightclub/bar. I sure hope city officials see right through this. If the plan was to have live entertainment, dancing, and a liquor license and no parking why not get the permits before millions of dollars in renovations? Why because it would have been a quick and easy denied stamp, now the owner will go to the city with a sob story about not being able to make a return on investment without the permit. Too bad you should have known about this before you ever started construction. Port is a Theater it needs to stay a theater. There isn't enough parking and we don't need another nightclub we have enough DUI's just read this blog there are at least 3 on our streets each week.


June 28th, 2012

Dear End Run, A permit to operate until 11pm hardly sounds like a night club. And if you live here, you should know that most of us residents prefer to walk or bike to the few food and beverage amenities we do have in the neighborhood, leaving our cars parked at home and fostering a vibrant walk-able community. Which, so far, with an excessive number of boring rug shops and banks, CDM can only marginally claim to have. Get over the parking and DUI arguments, you live adjacent to one of the most famous stretches of roadway in America, by a beach furthermore, and we should have great venues to enhance and showcase it. Cheers to The New Port Theater!

Dan Palisades

June 28th, 2012

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June 29th, 2012

This is exactly what many locals were concerned about... and predicted would happen. 'Oh NO, it's strictly going to be 'a theater. we promise.' Yea right.


June 29th, 2012

I am with you Ashley - this town is so "old" - LA is the best - only have a place here because it has a great beach = moved here in 79 when it was a happening place Now it is so Irvine - Maybe Robin and End Run are ready for a retirement home - there is a real quiet one at PCH and Hazel

@Walter, @Ashley

June 29th, 2012

I think your missing the point of the two comments, they are not opposing a theater they are opposing the conditional permit that makes it something else. CDM is quiet for the most part and people don't want this to be the peninsula or worse anything that resembles Huntington Beach. Instead what I read is people want places like Bungalow, Gulfstream, and Bandera. They are opposed to the crowds and problems that Landmark brings on Friday and Saturday nights. A theater would be great, but if live entrainment and dancing is what you want take a cab to the other end of town please.

CdM Local

June 29th, 2012

Way to go Ashley and Walter! I wish more people like you spoke up! It seems only the old, complainers are the only ones who do all the talking. Cheers to The New Port Theater!!!!!


June 30th, 2012

Old huh. Experience coupled with wisdom does not automatically equate to old (retirement) age. If there is anyone that enjoys dancing and partying it would be me. However through experience and wisdom I've learned that I don't need to be surrounded by raucous nightclubs and frat-house atmospheres 24-7. But most importantly I don't like being lied to and mislead by any business that puts up one face in order to mask ulterior motives. A couple of you seem to be ok with that. A lack of experience and wisdom on your parts.

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