Giving Thanks, A to Z (CdM Style)

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A…Athena, our UPS driver who battled breast cancer earlier this year and returned to work in April, with a smile and wonderful attitude that makes her one of Corona del Mar’s greatest treasures.

B…Bill Sumner, the Corona del Mar High School track coach. He can turn anyone into an athlete, make anyone fall in love with running. Even a particular freshman I know whose life has changed for the better since working with Coach Bill.

C…Matt Cosylion, a city code enforcement officer who follows up on any and all complaints, from oversized signs on businesses to blocked sidewalks to messy construction sites in our neighborhoods.

D…Cynthia Dickinson, a Harbor View Elementary co-president of the Parent Faculty Organization and aspiring reporter who never stops amazing us with her news sense and willingness to go out and get the scoop when we can’t do it ourselves.

E…Elections being over.

F…Flag crew, who rise before dawn on patriotic holidays and methodically add American flags along East Coast Highway and near the dolphin topiaries — then return in the early evening to take the flags down again.

G…Goldenrod footbridge.

H…Hobie mural — and maybe a pocket park in the grassy area below it. We love the ever-changing colors and that we often see people posing for photos in front of it.

I…Ice cream at B.Candy. We know kids who do their homework at the counter at the shop, enjoying flavors like Frosted Flake, pina colada and salted caramel — who can blame them?

J…Junior Guards. You know it’s really summer in Newport Beach when you see throngs of kids wearing their red Junior Guard uniforms, headed to the Balboa Pier to learn ocean safety in what has been described by some city officials as possibly the best program the city offers.

K…Karen Tringali, president of the Corona del Mar Residents Association and board member of the nationally recognized Community Emergency Response Team. Karen is a tireless volunteer, working with residents and city officials on multiple projects that make Corona del Mar safer and a better place to live.

L…Loyal advertisers and readers. Corona del Mar Today is proud to have increased our sense of community, but without loyal advertisers and dedicated readers, we would cease to exist. When readers do business with the locals, when you turn to us for news, we all win.

M…Mindy and Nik Froehlich. Both give so much of their time to make Harbor View Elementary a better school, both are regular tipsters, and Nik made CdM Today possible with his early support and ongoing web support.

N…Nancy Gardner, who grew up in Corona del Mar and who, as mayor, has reached out to get residents on their feet to join her in walks and stand-up paddling, and who early on recognized the need to address bicycle safety in our community.

O…Octopus, Mitch. If you ever get the chance to pop in Michelle Clemente’s office at Big Corona Beach, you can learn about tide pools and check out her aquarium tank that includes Mitch, an octopus who loves to play with its toy Rubik’s Cube.

P…Josette Patterson, co-owner of Patterson Jewelry, who has brought together local businesses to create the CdM Bride Walk event, and who has launched a family-friendly holiday window painting campaign to bring business owners and residents together in Corona del Mar.

Q…Sea Queens cheer camp, which teaches hundreds of aspiring cheerleaders the ins and outs of school spirit each summer.

R…Recycler Vanis Buckholz, an entrepreneur at age 10, who created a recycling business and collects hundreds of bottles each week with a bike and trailer.

S…Sharrows, which were installed in Corona del Mar this fall after three years’ debate. The painted markings remind cyclists to stay away from car doors that might open suddenly and injure them, and remind motorists that cyclists may take the lane to avoid such “doorings” and have the right to the road.

T…Tidepools at Little Corona.

U…Upper Buck Gully trail, which opened in the spring.

V…Vlad Anderson, the Corona del Mar High School police resource officer who attends PTA meetings with updates on issues like drug use and bullying, gives parents his cell phone number so they can call anytime with concerns and who arrives at the school early to ease drop-off in the congested pool lot.

W…Weekend parties with friends — Seybolds, Pazs, Dickinsons, Berengians, I’m looking at you!

X…Xmas walk. The annual Corona del Mar Chamber of Commerce event turns Corona del Mar into a festive village party, with a beer garden and music for grownups, candy and Santa for kids, as well as a showcase for local musicians and dancers.

Y…Ron Yeo, a Corona del Mar architect and active member of the Business Improvement District, whose beautiful photography can be seen regularly on CdM Today’s pages.

Z…Zee new French restaurant, Rendez-Vous, which promises real French bread, pastries, cakes, omelets, crepes and more in the former Petit Bateau space.

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November 22nd, 2012

And our collective thanks to Amy . . . the best reporter and friend CdM has ever had!


November 22nd, 2012

Yes, thank you, Amy! And welcome back, Athena!! CdM love you!

Josette Patterson

November 27th, 2012

Thank you, thank you Amy, you are awesome!!!

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