Member of Group Seeking Solicitors Permits Arrested, Police Say

posted: January 19th, 2012 11:46 am | 4Comments

A group of people arrived at the Newport Beach Police Department headquarters earlier this month seeking applications for solicitors permits — but instead one member was arrested on a warrant and the others in the group dispersed, police said.

The Jan. 3 incident came a few days after a series of complaints were lodged to police about illegal peddling in Corona del Mar. Police received five calls of illegal peddling within a few hours on Dec. 29, prompting a reminder to residents to renew their registration with the city’s Do Not Solicit online registry; read our story here.

At the time, police said it seemed likely that the number of calls indicated a group working the Corona del Mar area. It is not clear if the same people were part of the Jan. 3 group that arrived at the police department’s front desk for permits.

“As part of the process we verify the identity of the applicants,” said Kathy Lowe, a police spokeswoman. “None of the applicants had a valid form of identification available, therefore a records check was completed.”

The records check showed that one of the would-be solicitors, a 35-year-old Phoenix man, had an outstanding warrant for driving without a license, Lowe said.

“He was subsequently arrested,” she said.

The front desk staff spent several minutes discussing identification with the members of the group, who claimed their ids had been destroyed by hurricane, were unavailable or non-existent.

Police officers said that when the man was arrested, the rest of the group left the station quickly.

To sign up for the city’s Do Not Solicit registry, click here.

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January 19th, 2012

This story makes me very happy! I'm not a fan of door to door solicitors. Why would I just hand over money to someone because they had the nerve to knock on my door and disturb my peace? If I want to give money to a group, I'll find a legitimate way to do so. Love that the solicitation registration is working effectively!


January 19th, 2012



January 19th, 2012

LOL - what? "I lost my ID in Hurricane Katrina?" That excuse is getting old. What is of concern is the age of the person arrested. Usually the magazine or "donation" crews consist of older teenagers and kids in their early 20's who are often being exploited. A 35 year old and nobody with ID points to a group with possibly other interests. I wish you didn't have to remember to sign up for that list every year.


January 19th, 2012

Whoever directed them to the police station to apply for permits deserves an award.

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