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Jeff Miller, the Alliance for Biking and Walking

By Frank Peters

Jeff Miller

We met at the recent California Bike Summit in downtown Los Angeles where Jeff had the distinction of giving the kick-off presentation, and now I know why — he electrified the assembled advocates and painted a clear picture of the challenges facing this country relating to health and our transportation choices. I had to get him on the Show.

Jeff Miller is the President/CEO of the Alliance for Biking and Walking based in Washington, DC. He wasn’t native to the Nation’s Capital; he’s from Maine, so what was it like making such a transition?

In Jeff’s presentation last month this slide had a big punchline for me. Notice the inverse correlation between biking and walking to work and obesity. Are we loving our cars to death? Obesity levels have tripled in the past few decades.

Think there's a correlation?

Save the date: September 10-13, 2012 — The Alliance for Biking and Walking will host The Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference in Long Beach. Join Jeff and me at this important event.

Listen to Jeff here:

Thinking of a new bike for the holidays? While you’re in a holiday mood please consider a $15 gift to support the Alliance as they celebrate their 15th anniversary.

A member of the 2009 Newport Beach Task Force on Cycling Safety, Frank Peters founded and writes about his cycling adventures at

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