Village-Wide Garage Sale Participants Needed

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A village-wide garage sale will be held from 7 to 11 a.m. Saturday Aug. 8, and sponsors are asking for participants to save the date.

Stowell and Associates of Surterre Properties, a Corona del Mar Today advertiser, is sponsoring the event.

To R.S.V.P., email austin dot allison86 at gmail dot com, and organizers will place a sign in your front yard the week before to show your participation, and they also will advertise the event in various local publications.

“This summer is the perfect time to get rid of your clutter and make some money selling things you no longer need,” an event “Save the Date” email said. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. after the sale, the email said, a Salvation Army truck will be at the OASIS Senior Center parking lot on Marguerite Avenue to accept donations of unsold items.

Each family participating will conduct sales individually. Organizers suggest having plenty of change, shopping bags, keeping pets inside, checking pockets of items for sale, not taking checks from strangers and start accumulating items now.

CdM This Weekend: Five Great Things For Your To Do List

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1. Surterre Properties will host a free ewaste event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at Surterre Properties at 1400 Newport Center Drive. Drop off old electronics, including computers, monitors, keyboards, printers and more, and there also will be onsite paper shredding services for confidential documents with a three box maximum.

2. Crystal Cove State Park will host a Tidepool Walk that meets at 4 p.m. Saturday in Pelican Point Lot #2, at the top of the boardwalk. A previously scheduled Friday night campfire event has been cancelled.

3. Roger’s Gardens will host My Edible Garden, a monthly series of discussions about everything edible, from 9 to 10 a.m. Saturday. This month, the focus will be on the care of warm season tomatoes and other vegetables and herbs, as well as planting cool season tomatoes. Steve Hampson leads the conversation, but participants are invited to bring questions, tips and tricks. Roger’s Gardens is located at 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road.

4. The Newport Bay Conservancy will host a Community Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday at the Back Bay Science Center, where you can tour the facility including the loop trail and marine life, as well as learn about educational programs and volunteer opportunities. There also will be hands-on activities for kids. No reservations are required. The Back Bay Science Center is located at 600 Shellmaker Road in Newport Beach.

5. Have you been to the OC Fair yet this summer? There’s music, sand art, animals, rides, games, food, ice skating and more. General admission is $12. To get more information, including maps, daily schedules, parking information and more, click here. The fair will be open until midnight tonight, will reopen at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, closing at midnight both nights.

Residential Recycle Carts Get Sticker Treatment

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IMG_6222Corona del Mar residents may have noticed something new on their recycling carts after trash pickup this week — two stickers that emphasize that the carts or for recyclables and nothing more.

The city’s residential trash company, CR&R, added the stickers, said Tara Finnigan, a Newport Beach city spokeswoman.

“They wanted to add the stickers because they were seeing trash in some of the recycle carts and that can contaminate the load,” she said.

In May, some Corona del Mar residents said they noticed that CR&R trucks were emptying recycling bins into the regular trash trucks; read our story here. City Manager Dave Kiff told members of the Corona del Mar Residents Association that only 16 percent of Newport Beach residents recycle, and that many of those who do recycle often mix trash with recyclables, making it impossible to reuse. He said city staff would work with CR&R on a public outreach effort, but he also questioned whether the recycling program, which began last year when CR&R took over trash service, should be abandoned.

City staff did not know whether the stickers were part of the public outreached discussed in May. One of the stickers has the city seal and says, “Thank you for recycling. Placing your recyclables into this car will help the City achieve the State-reqired goals, avoid the landfill, save energy, conserve natural resources, reduce costs, and improve our environment.” A second sticker says “Recyclables only, no green waste” along with two green symbols for recycling.

Natural History Lecture on Native Americans Scheduled for Aug. 5

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The Orange County Natural History Lecture Series event, which will examine Native Americans in the county, will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday Aug. 5., according to an event announcement.

“The Native American Landscape of Orange County” will feature speaker Stephen O’Neil, a cultural anthropologist who has concentrated on the ethnohistory of Southern California tribal people, according to an event announcement.

The lecture is free and will be held at the Back Bay Science Center at 600 Shellmaker Road.

The presentation will examine the variety of resource-related names given to locations by local native Californians, along with their stories, the announcement said.

“The Native Americans of Orange County, the Acjachemen (Juaneño) and the Tongva (Gabrielino), made the natural landscape their own, integrating the landforms, plants and animals with their social world and mythology,” the announcement said. “They gave place names to the peaks, hills, springs, beach coves and plant harvesting areas. The names of their villages reflected the resources that were present as well as events that took place there. Stories associated with places were sung in order to remember and pass on this knowledge.”

O’Neil, the announcement said, has 30 years of experience as a cultural anthropologist in the state and has researched and written on ethnography, archaeology and history, concentrating on the Ethnohistory of southern California tribal peoples.

“He has expertise in the use of mission records for the study of population and social networks, and is familiar with ethnobotany, family reconstruction, and rock art,” the announcement said. He also has archaeological experience in excavation and surveying on Native American prehistoric sites and also Spanish, Mexican and American period adobe structures. He also has been published in a variety of newsletters and journals.

The event is free, but reservations are requested. You may reserve a space by emailing marine education at newportbeachca dot gov.

The gates will open at 6:30 p.m. and close promptly at 7:15 p.m.

From the Police Log: Stolen Auto, Theft Reports

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Newport Beach police took a report of a grand theft of an auto on Wednesday in the 500 block of Begonia Avenue, according to a police report.

The theft, with no loss amount listed, occurred between 9 p.m. Tuesday and 7 a.m. Wednesday. Information about the type of auto was not included on the report.

Police also took a report of a grand theft from a motor vehicle on Wednesday in the 500 block of Marguerite Avenue. The theft, with a loss of $1,250, occurred between midnight and 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. a report said. A

Police took a report of a petty theft form a motor vehicle in the 400 block of Marigold Avenue on Wednesday. The theft, with a $342 loss, occurred between 5 p.m. Tuesday and 7:29 a.m. Wednesday. A petty theft from buildings was reported Wednesday in the 900 block of Newport Center Drive. The theft, with a $50 loss, occurred between 2 and 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, a report said.

Junior Guards Hold 2015 Monster Mile Race

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About 1,300 Newport Beach Junior Guards ran, swam and paraded as part of the 2015 Monster Mile, an annual swim-run event that this year had the theme “Creatures of the Sea.”

“I think there’s a lot of pride for them,” said Lifeguard Chief Rob Williams. “They dress up and have the parade, and that’s fun. But the race is a pretty significant feat. It’s a significant accomplishment, and they build up all summer for this.”

The water was warm for the racers today, Williams said, in the 70s.

Ryan McManigal, 11, an Andersen Elementary School sixth-grader, said the water was pleasant after sweating during the run.

“It was really refreshing,” he said.

McManigal placed first for his group and said the secret was to stay tough, even when he felt cramps.

“You have to power through,” he said.

Joelle Rothbard, 12, of Newport Beach, said she gave herself a pep talk during the race.

“When I started to get tired, I told myself, ‘You’re almost there, it will feel so good when you’re done…'”

The event began with a parade. The guards wore costumes over their uniforms that included mermaids, Sponge Bob, sharks, squid, pirates and more. After the parade, the guards lined up by groups, each group with a different colored cap, then ran through the sand for a mile, donned fins and swamp back to the Balboa Pier area finish line.

City Manager Dave Kiff completed the race, a tradition he’s kept for most years.

“The kids are so awesome,” he said. “Some of them are so tiny and they have no fear, or little fear. A mile is not easy. It’s really cool.”

Here are the top finishers for each group:

A Boys: Nick Balejeu with a time of 26:50; Pilan Scruggs with a time of 27:15; Nick Halphide with a time of 28:00; and Elliot Harrington with a time of 29:32.

A Girls: Bella Khamseh with a time of 28:50; Eva Curci with a time of 29:32; Maddy Dahlin with a time of 32:00; Rachel Davis with a time of 32:56; and Kiana Viceroy with a time of 34:12.

B Boys: Adam Faludi with a time of 27:53; Aaron Clark with a time of 28:07; Chett Clark with a time of 28:25; Jax Richards with a time of 28:45; and William Harrington with a time of 29:10.

B Girls: Felicity Holsworth with a time of 31:26; Anne Wilde with a time of 31:52; Kaitlin Waldron with a time of 32:12; Carolina Amling with a time of 33:00; and Emma Kubiak with a time of 34:15.

C Boys: Ryan McManigal with a time of 30:38; Kiernan Springborn with a time of 30:59; Billy Rankin with a time of 31:50; Ethan Waldron with a time of 33:15; and Mason Hunt with a time of 34:00.

C Girls: Caitlin Cohen with a time of 32:37; Taylor Smith with a time of 32:38; Alexander Law with a time of 32:42; Kate Watson with a time of 35:20; and Olivia Krotts with a time of 41:01.

D Boys: Lance Laster with a time of 33:15; Owen Kuchera with a time of 34:12; Cruz Collier with a time of 36:20; Jack Edlehausen with a time of 37:01; and Zachary Jensen with a time of 38:09.

D Girls: Claire Fu with a time of 33:00; Kate Kubiak with a time of 36:00; Sky Smith with a time of 39:00; Kirstin Dauderman with a time of 40:00; and Sophia Gazzaniga with a time of 42:00.

Coyote Pack Seen Wednesday Evening Near Poppy, Fifth

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Newport Beach police on Wednesday investigated a report of a large pack of 10 to 12 coyotes near Poppy and Fifth avenues, according to online logs and a police spokeswoman.

Police received a report of a loose, vicious animal at 8:10 p.m., online logs state. The caller said the pack had run up Heliotrope Avenue toward East Coast Highway, but the report was about 20 minutes after the sighting.

“Officers searched the area but were unable to confirm the report,” said department spokeswoman Jennifer Manzella.

Manzella also confirmed social media reports that a helicopter assisted.

Animal control officers are trained to deal with aggressive coyotes and have equipment and training to tranquilize them in necessary, she said. A police officer who is currently assigned to the Corona del Mar area also has this training, she said.

“If the need to tranquilize an aggressive animal arises in CdM – or any other part of the City – our staff will take the appropriate measures,” she said.

Earlier this month, police created a webpage devoted to coyote information, as well as a door hanger with information about coyotes, following recent attacks on pets in Corona del Mar. The actions occurred after a candlelight vigil was held on July 13 to remember Beanie, a popular dog killed by a coyote; read our story here.

While Parents at Neighborhood Watch Meeting, Girl Calls Cops About Would-Be Burglar

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A Shore Cliffs couple was attending a Neighborhood Watch meeting on Wednesday evening, learning from police about recent burglaries and crimes in the neighborhood. And at the same time, their daughter at home a few blocks away, calling police after noticing a man rattling handles on her father’s car.

The girl, 12, heard her dog barking and a car door rattling, then looked at a security camera video and saw a man at her father’s car door, the girl’s mother said. The car was parked on the street in front of the home.

The incident occurred at 6:39 p.m. The girl called her mother, and the mother immediately spoke to Andi Querry, the crime prevention specialist at the meeting. The mother then told the girl to report the incident to the department’s non-emergency number.

“The subject, described as a tall thin man with dark hair, had walked to the driver’s door of the vehicle, pulled on the handle, and then walked away,” said Jennifer Manzella, a department spokeswoman. “Responding officers and a helicopter searched the area, to no avail. The investigating officer took a report for vehicle tampering.”

Manzella said the girl should be applauded for her actions.

“She was alert to suspicious behavior, and notified the police department in a timely manner,” Manzella said.

“We are very proud of her presence of mind and actions surrounding this event,” her father said today.

The girl’s parents were a few blocks away in the neighborhood at a meeting organized by homeowners and the Newport Beach Police Department’s crime prevention safety officer. About 30 people attended the meeting, which was prompted by a burglary earlier this month on Morning Canyon Road.

In that case, a burglar entered a home through an open kitchen window while homeowners were asleep in the house. The burglar searched through drawers and cupboards, stealing $12,600 in items including cash, a money clip, two Apple desktop computers, a laptop, two iPads, two Nooks and golf clubs. The suspect then loaded the items into one of the victim’s 2014 BMW, which was parked in the garage, then fled in the stolen car.

The San Bernardino Police Department later located the car. Click here to read our earlier story.

Crime Prevention Specialist Andi Querry told residents at Wednesday’s meeting that it was unusual for a burglar to steal a car from a home, and it also was unusual to have a burglar inside a home while residents were there. In this case, she said, the burglar also apparently entered a home next door and rifled through it but didn’t take anything there. There also was evidence, she said, that the burglar was inside the bedroom where the homeowners were sleeping.

Shore Cliffs residents were rattled by the incident, which came four months after another burglary in the neighborhood in which homeowners were inside the home at the same time as the suspects. In the March burglary, a man returned to his Evening Canyon Road home to find two men inside his house. He called police with a description of the men and their car, and a helicopter joined the search. The men were arrested within an hour after crashing during a pursuit on El Toro Road; read our story here.

Querri reviewed crime statistics for the area and described programs that residents can use, including a Vacation Watch program that sends volunteers to check on homes when residents are out of town. She urged residents to be aware of suspicious activity, including solicitors and people looking into cars when they walk along the street, and to call the police non-emergency number to report unusual activity. She also said neighbors needed to get to know each other and keep an eye on one another’s homes.

“If you see your neighbor’s garage door is open, go home and give them a call,” she said. “Look out for each other.”

The Newport Beach Police Department’s non-emergency number is (949) 644-3717. In an emergency, call 911.

Library Contest Offers Teen Writers a Chance at $250 Prize

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The Newport Beach Public Library Foundation is now accepting entries for its annual creative writing contest.

Any student who is currently in high school or will be attending high school in the fall, and who has a Newport Beach library card, is eligible to enter. Stories can be no longer than 1,500 words, and they must be set in a library, feature a library-themed element or revolve around a library in some way.

The winning author will receive a cash award of $250, and the story will be published online and in the Bookmark quarterly publication. The runner-up will win $100.

All entries must be submitted by Sept. 6.

For complete rules, click here.

From the Police Log: Vandalism, Embezzlement

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Newport Beach police took a report of misdemeanor vandalism on Monday in the 3200 block of Ocean Boulevard, according to a report. The incident, involving defacement of property, occurred at 1:16 p.m. Monday. No damage amount was listed on the report.

Police also arrested a 31-year-old Irvine woman at 7:22 p.m. Monday on suspicion of embezzlement in the 100 block of Newport Center Drive. Her bail was $100.